10 Cosmetics To Get An Attractive Lip Shape

Your lips are one of the seven different attractive lip shape types. They could be thin, full, wide, small, round, or of any other shape. But they are beautiful or it will be better to say that you can make them beautiful.

Attractive Lip Shape

Here I’m giving tips to improve your lips. You can improve your lips by following the tips.

Heart-Shaped Lips

If your lips have a prominent cupid’s bow, they make an attractive lip shape that is the heart. You should enhance Cupid’s bow with a pencil after wearing lipstick. Also, using a creamy nude shadow will make your lips appear fuller.

Full Lips

Full Lips Shape

It is a perfect lips shape because both the lips are perfectly balanced. You should use colors that match your complexion. Also, you should wear heavy makeup to balance full lips with other features. For example, you can highlight your cheeks or eyes.

Small Lips

One of the female beautiful lips shape; small lips tend to be full and protruding. You can improve your lips with glossy lip formulas, try soft shades that can trick your lips, or wear light glossy pinks that will make your lips appear fuller. But you should never try dark shades.

Round Lips

It is also an ideal lips shape despite missing Cupid’s bow. You need to outline your lips and fill them with a dark shade. Dark shades will highlighter … See More

Try These Trendy Summer Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail parties are common during summer. As you know, most of these parties have a dress code, which is summer cocktail attire. So, what should you wear? One of the stylish choices of outfits you can pick any summer cocktail dresses for your evening.

Summer time means cocktail and cocktail mean parties! If you are looking to make a good impression at your coming summer cocktail party, also you need to know how you can dress for this occasion. This blog post will educate you everything you need to know about dressing for a summer cocktail party, from what colors to wear to which accessories are applicable. So put on your cocktail dresses and let’s get started!

Best Summer Cocktail Dresses

Tips For Summer Cocktail Dress

  • As you know, cocktail dresses vary in length. When choosing a summer cocktail dress, it’s recommended to conclude for commodity that isn’t too short or too long.
  • Mostly women would pick a dress that’s above the knees. You can also conclude for a midi dress for a streamlined look.
  • The right length of the midi dress should be before your mid-calf for a flattering fit.
  • Still, not all dresses are suitable for these kinds of parties. To help you pick the right attire, here are some of the stylish features of a summer cocktail dresses.
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Confidently Styling Your Street Style Dresses

Looking further fashionable is always about wearing the coolest trends, learning complicated styling tricks, or wearing the most street style dresses. It can really be as easy styling essentials put away in your shirt, throwing on a brace of sunglasses, or adding further layers to your look.

Street Style Dresses

Indeed, if you want to feels outside your comfort zone, just go around and act like it’s the same dresses that you wear all the time. Your dresses are as important to make you confident and create a good look with the help of the clothes and accessories.

Here we will share with you the hottest street style dresses for 2023 from the people who count utmost the fashion assiduity.

Large Hoodie

Large Hoodie

Make sure to keep in mind that new street style dresses come out every day, and that no trend lasts indefinitely. As with street wear in general, some aesthetics are more popular than other. The typical Japanese street wear style, on the other hand, is an outlier.

This street wear look with its large sweatshirt, three- quarter films, shoes, and high socks will no away go out of style.

Colourful Outwear Is Trendy Street Style Dresses

Colourful Outwear Is Trendy Street Style Dresses

Always prefer a black fleece is not a good option for every time, go for a green, red, or unheroic fleece like the bones you may have seen on … See More

Effective Dark Circle Treatment At Home

Heavy Smartphone and computer usage is the prime cause of people having dark circles. Improper diet, genetics, illness, and aging are also reasons for dark circle, but increased screen time is the biggest culprit, especially among teenagers who spend most of their time viewing their phones but treatment is also available at home.

Are Dark Circles A Cause Of Worry?

Dark Circles

Luckily there is little to worry about these ugly spots under your eyes because they can easily be cured with cold tea bags, grated potatoes, cold milk, and rosewater. And all these things are readily available at home. Also, you can find more ways of treating your dark circles with kitchen items.

Do These Things If You’ve Dark Circle ….

Tea Bags

Tea Bags For Dark Circle Treatment

Keep the used tea bags, especially green tea or chamomile for treatment. Freeze a couple of tea bags and place them over your eyes for 10-15 minutes. The residual caffeine will provide fast relief from ugly under-eye circles. The cold compress will constrict blood vessels and heal dark circles. You can buy green tea bags for your dark circle treatment.

Potatoes And Cucumber For Dark Circle Treatment

Slice a potato or cucumber and cover your eyes with slices of the vegetable. Or you can grate it and cover the eyes with vegetable shreds for 10-15 minutes. Or you can … See More

12 Wedding Dresses For Guests

It has always been an honor to attend a wedding as a guest, also, it is an opportunity to show all colors of your personality, it is the time when you can spend lavishly on dresses. Or you can try a new outfit. Wedding time is shopping time when you don’t want to shop on a budget.

Are You Shopping For A Wedding Dress?

In a wedding, every guest is special and for this reason, guests need to consider many factors while choosing their dresses. There could be a dress code for wedding guests but still, your dress should be different from others.

Here’re Some Simple & Elegant Dresses Ideas For Wedding Guest


Saree Is Best Wedding Guest Dresses

It is a graceful and evergreen dress, especially for summer weddings. And there is a wide range of saree dresses available in the market. For example, take a saree jacket. It is a modern outfit inspired by the saree design. But you can opt for a chiffon saree or silk saree with heavy embroidery if you want to maintain a classy look.

Long Kurti With Tulle Skirt

Long Kurti With Tulle Skirt

If you are dressing up for a friend’s wedding where you will be part of the bride’s gang then you should try something different. This long kurti features high slits and a band-neck collar, and it has dangling beads on See More

Latest Sarees Design Ideas To Keep You All Time Evergreen

The best part about sarees you can wear it anytime with various way, it is the best option for ethnic wearing vesture, sarees is evergreen option and came out a winner. Of course, the styles and trends have changed over the times with latest sarees design.

In 70’s we saw flowery Indian latest sarees design with border for pallu tradition, and in the ’90s were devoted to latest satin and chiffon sarees with high-neck blouses and the last era was dedicatedly trending about net sarees design.

Fast-forward to 2023, and we are still fall in love with sarees. Check out the latest sarees design and trend of the year.

Floral Beauty Of Saree

Floral Beauty Of Saree

Floral look of the sarees is the latest trends of 2023, and it’s global. Most of the sarees designs we know come with floral painting or floral work on sarees. The detail detailing of artificer and sheer beauty, of the sarees largely see on net sarees. If you are scrolling for that one floral beauty this pattern of latest design is for you only.

The Blend Of All Color Is Latest Sarees Design

The Blend Of All Color Is Latest Sarees Design

A saree with a variety of colors is the perfect outfit for summer 2023. It’s stimulating, different, and relatively honestly, pleasurable look for you. Since color blocking or blending is the main detailing … See More

Know The Types And Uses Of Makeup Primer According To Skin Tone

Bold red lip and strong highlight remain the most favorite makeup look for all girls, and for that glossy look makeup primer is a super-thin, silky and invisible balm that, when smoothed over your face temporarily fills little crimps and pores and smoothes out short patches. It absorbs oil painting, cuts shine and leaves skin satiny-smooth. Effect-wise, it makes makeup look better and stay on way longer.

How to use makeup primer?

Best Makeup Primer

You do not need to be putting makeup primer on a “full face” when you starting your makeup. It’s great under tinted moisturizer or indeed just a dusting of face powder. When you apply it you’ll see it leaves a lovely, satiny glaze on skin and feels nicely hydrating.

Makeup Primer works best on clean, deeply moisturized skin. Before applying makeup primer use your moisturizer first and then wait for 5 minutes if not, then it is not stay on your face for long time. However, not stick, if you apply too important makeup will slide off. After you apply it, stay a full five minutes for it to dry and set on skin before getting started on your routine. Nowadays beauty market is full of different types of primer.

The types of makeup primer can get a little daunting, but there’s nothing to worry about.

Matte Makeup Primer

Best Matte Makeup Primer

A matte manual is … See More

Choose Your Best Compact Powder For Women, According To Your Tone

Improve yourself daily is one of the stylish practices everyone should follow. Improve or update isn’t only confined to knowledge these days. Social media influences numerous people and the trends on social media make you better. It teaches us a lot of new effects, like how to do makeup and look the stylish interpretation of ourselves and a lot further. In the make-up we all know compact powder play an important role. Compact powder for women is one of the balance key of makeup.

Here is the list of compact powder for women, that gives you perfect makeup look

The Faces Canada

The Faces Canada Powder

Non-oily dull aesthetics whenever you want. The micro-fine weight compact powder protects the skin from sun damage and gives all-day protection. This compact is formulated with a super comfortable and light texture.


  • The moisturizing formula is curated with care to nourish the skin from within.
  • The compact is safe for the skin.
  • It’s Cruelty-free and Paraben-free.


  • Not control oil for long time.
  • Not good for oily skin.

Price- Rs. 168

Maybelline New York Fit Me A Perfect Makeup Compact Powder For Women

Maybelline New York Fit Powder

This compact powder comes with foundation with UV pollutants and SPF 28 cover the skin from sun damage.


  • It’s suitable for normal to unctuous skin.
  • This Maybelline New York fit me give you a natural, poreless finish
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Easy To Make And Low Budget Homemade Face Pack

The skin goes through several challenges in the form of mars, acne, pustules, sun tanning, saturation, wrinkles and fine lines. These aren’t good for the skin; we all want perfect, fair, and bright skin. The only result is to take care of our skin through good manual face pack. If you want to take care of your skin then homemade face pack is one of the best convenient and long-term solution for your beauty.

Here is the list of some inexpensive and easy to make homemade face pack for your flawless and radiant skin.

Glow With Besan Pack

Glow With Besan Pack

Besan is a time- tested component for giving a gleam to the skin and is considerably used in skincare products. It cleans pores and tightens your skin. Adding some curd to it helps de-tan and restore your skin’s original gleam. Also, add some Kasturi Haldi (turmeric) in it and mix well. Turmeric has potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial parcels. It helps in reducing redness and softens your skin.

Method of Face Pack-

Mix in a teaspoon of besan with a teaspoon of curd and half a tablespoon of turmeric.

Rosewater & Sandalwood Is Most Convenient Homemade Face Pack

Rosewater & Sandalwood Homemade Face Pack

Sandalwood cools down inflamed skin and soothes it gently. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial parcels of sandalwood are extensively known. Rosewater also has cooling parcels and … See More