List Of Dramatic And Trending Eye Makeup

Festivals are incomplete without a little bit of makeup. Be it a concealer, compact powder or Lipstick, no makeup product can beat the glam of a kajal and eyeliner. Defining the eye is an important part of the makeup process.

Get ready to wink and try this eye makeup at your hands

Brown And Gold Soft Touch

Brown And Gold Soft Touch Makeup

This beautiful eye shadow acquainted look uses brown and golden eye shadow that’s mixed in together. In this eye shadow, blending is the key. It’s a subtle yet gleeful look that looks so beautiful.

Purple Eye Smoky Is Lighted Eye Makeup

Purple Eye Smoky Is Lighted Eye Makeup

This eye makeup looks uses purple, black and pink. Those of you with light eyes will maybe love this edgy style of smokey eye. Still, it looks enough on all eye colors.

Blue Lined Eyeliner

Blue Lined Eyeliner Makeup

This double soared electric blue and black liner looks veritably trendy and is super easy to pull off. It’s simple and sharp and can be worn during the day as well.

Simple Kohl-Lined Smokey Eye Makeup

Simple Kohl-Lined Eyes

This look is inspired by Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor as this is her go- to makeup off-screen. It’s a subtle smokey eye which is ideal for everyday wear and tear for the perfect sultry effect.

Mermaid Eye Shadow

Mermaid Eye Shadow

This inspired look pair with aqua blue eye shadow with gold and it’s such a beautiful combination. It can be achieved in a better way and looks so enough! It’s an ideal summer look for your eyes.

Brown Cut Crease And Black Eyeliner Is Stunning Eye Makeup

Brown Cut Crease And Black Eyeliner

Brown eye shadows produce a stunning and veritably natural smokey eye. They look inconceivable on utmost skin-tones. This majestic do is perfect if you prefer neutral tones for your makeup.

Navy And Purple Smokey Eye

Navy And Purple Smokey Eye

This is one of the stylish aesthetics for fall. It uses some really enough dull tones of eyes makeup that gives your eyes an amazing sultry effect. It suits every skin tone and eye color. Let’s take a look at how to achieve this look.

Metallic Blue Smokey Eye Makeup

Metallic Blue Smokey Eyes

This fresh look uses a beautiful metallic shade of blue to produce a smokey eye. It’s the perfect look for an evening or a night out with your friends outing. It can also be achieved using different tones of eye shadow like flora or purples.

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