8 Smokey Eyes Trending In 2023

Smokey eye makeup is a classic beauty look that has been popular for decades. This dramatic eye makeup style is characterized by dark, blended eye shadow that creates a smoldering, sultry effect.

Smokey eyes can enhance and intensify the appearance of your eyes, creating a dramatic and alluring look. Some benefits of wearing smokey eye makeup include making your eyes appear larger, adding depth and dimension to your eye shape, and creating a sultry and sophisticated look. Smokey eyes can be worn for a variety of occasions, from formal events to a night out with friends, and can be customized to complement any skin tone or eye color.

There are many reasons why people choose to do smokey eye makeup, from enhancing their natural eye shape to expressing their creativity & personal style.

Smokey Eye Makeup

Enhance Your Natural Eye Look

It can make your eyes appear larger, more defined, and more striking. By using darker shades of eye shadow and blending it outwards towards the outer corner of the eyes, smokey eyes can create the illusion of a more lifted and dramatic eye shape. This can help accentuate your eyes and make them the focal point of your makeup look.

Dramatic Appearance

Smokey eye makeup is also popular for special occasions, such as weddings, parties, and other events. This bold and striking makeup style is perfect for making a statement and turning heads. With the right blend of colors and application techniques, smokey eyes can create a striking and memorable look that is perfect for any special occasion.

Express Your Creativity

If you are looking to express your creativity and personal style, smokey eye makeup offers a wide range of possibilities. This look can be customized with different colors, finishes, and techniques to achieve a unique and distinctive look. Whether you prefer a more classic black and gray smokey eye or a more colorful and experimental take on a look, the possibilities are endless.

Here’re 8 Smokey Eyes You Can Take Inspiration From….

The Natural Look

The Natural Makeup Look

It will give an illusion of bigger and more beautiful eyes but the biggest surprise is it is easier to get. Use matte products and add a little bit of shimmer to your smokey eyes and you are ready to surprise your guests or host if you are a guest at a party. And there is little to worry about this look as it suits every eye shape.

Effortless Look

Apply kajal over your eyelids and blend it well. Also, smudge a little kajal on the lower lash line. Finish the look by outlining the lash line. Now you are done and ready to hit the party. Also, you will agree that it is a fuss-free and economic way of getting smokey eyes. One more thing is you can’t go wrong with this look.

Pop Your Eyes

Smokey Eye Makeup Pop Your Eyes

Adding a dash of colored eyeliner on the lower lash line will make your eyes pop out. You will start with a simple smokey eye makeup leaving the lower lash line untouched to finish the look with the color of your choice. In other words, you will get everything in one makeup. It will make your eyes gorgeous and add drama to their look as well.

Make Your Eyes Shimmer

Try shimmery eyes look for evening parties. But you need to be focused to get a perfect look. First, highlight the inner corners and eyebrow arches with a lighter shade. Second, apply your kajal and eyeliner liberally on your lash line and waterline and you are ready for the party.

Make Your Smokey Eyes Purple

Make Your Smokey Eyes Purple

If you want to make your smokey eye makeup stand out then try something different than the classic black and brown shades. These are earthy colors that look natural. You can try purple shade for our eyelids. Spread and blend the purple color on your eyelids and draw your lash line with eyeliner or kajal to finish. It is all you need to do to get purple smokey eyes.

Make Your Smokey Eyes Ombre

This one is for women who dare to wear ombre shades. If you want to elaborate your natural eyes and you don’t mind playing with colors. Take multiple shades and blend them well to get an edgy, catchy, and cool look. The key to achieving a good ombre color is to blend multiple shades without any harsh or unblended lines. You need to blend, blend, and blend the shades until you achieve a seamless look.

Bridal Makeup With Smokey Eyes

Bridal Makeup With Smokey Eyes

Bridal makeup with smokey eyes is simply exciting but the real excitement lies in its convenience. Start with preparing your eyes for a smokey look so the makeup doesn’t crease or smudge in the long run. When you are done, you need to get classic smokey eye makeup and create a halo effect on the center of your eyelids using bronze or gold glitter. Also, add some mascara to your eyelashes further define your eyes. It is bridal makeup with smokey eyes.

Everyday Makeup

If you like smokey eyes or smokey makeup that suits your eyes the most; you can wear this makeup daily. The smokey eye makeup will add a little drama to your eyes. First, you need to ditch the classic black and brown color and use a cool-tone shade. You need to draw a flick on the upper lash line but leave the lower lash line. Also, you will need multiple coats of mascara to define your eyes.

Tips To Get Smokey Eye Makeup:

Tips To Get Smokey Eye Makeup

  • Prep your eyes before starting the smokey makeup to keep the makeup intact. Also, groom your eyebrows.
  • Use a tapered eye brush for a thin lining and a fluffy one for blending the shades.
  • If you have small eyes, you should use a nude or white eye pencil for your lower lash line instead of mascara.
  • Mascara is essential to add definition to your eyes and open them up.

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