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Top 10 Best Makeup Products In 2023

How do you shop for makeup products? With so many brands and products available on the market, even the most experienced beauticians could find it difficult to choose products. Today you have more choices available and if you are ready to shop around, you can easily spend hours exploring and comparing the options.

Here I’ve done some research on the most popular beauty products and I want to share my research findings with you so you can make a better choice.

Best Makeup Products

Before listing the brands and products I researched, I want to make it clear that my findings depend on the user reviews of those products. Also, I’ve tried to include all the necessary products like foundation, mascara, and lipstick that you could need for your everyday makeup.

Let’s Start with the best makeup products ….

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (Armani)

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (Armani)

I can’t hold my excitement while describing this product because it is like magic. This foundation cream comes from the brand Armani and this product is rated high in initial reviews by the users. They call it extremely versatile and easy to build up. Also, they appreciate the velvety finish achieved with this foundation. I want every one of my readers to know about this product. Since it comes from Armani, it could cost you dearly but it is worth a high price.

Voluminous Original Mascara (L’Oréal

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Lazy Perfection By Jenny Patinkin

10 Best Foundation Brushes To Look For In 2023

What excuse would you give for using your hands for foundation application? You could argue that applying foundation with finger pores or a sponge is easier. But the truth is that you are unable to find the right brush for foundation application. With so many options available in the market, it becomes overwhelming to choose a brush.

Also, there are convincing reasons to use a brush for foundation application. For example, a brush frees your facial skin from natural oils and bacteria on your finger pores. Another convincing reason to use a foundation brush is to give your makeup a professional touch.

Here I’m listing 10 bestselling brushes for foundation application so you can find the right brush

Lazy Perfection by Jenny Patinkin

Lazy Perfection Brush By Jenny Patinkin

This product comes from the celebrity makeup artist-turned-author Jenny Patinkin and the reason for this brush to be on top of the list is its multi-tasking ability. This brush is just perfect for all your makeup products. If you are a beginner, you can buy this brush to take maximum advantage of your investment. Its dense synthetic fibers are designed for the smooth application of foundation and other creams. Also, the synthetic bristles can easily be cleaned for re-application.

EcoTools Wonder Best Foundation Brush

EcoTools Wonder Foundation Brush

Buying a quality brushes could be an expensive affair, especially for budget buyers. But there is little to worry about as there is … Find more

Light Summer Lipstick Balms

10 Best Light Summer Lipstick Balms

Which is your light summer lipstick? Summer is the time to go minimal on makeup but you shouldn’t avoid wearing lipstick to prevent heat from dehydrating your lips. I suggest covering your lips with a hydrating balm that improves your look and takes care of your lips as well.

Choosing a lipstick brand is a personal choice but I’ve selected some of the finest lipsticks for your summer makeup. I want you to check these products before making an opinion on them. In my opinion, they are the best brands for choosing light summer lipstick.

Here we go for light summer lipstick ….

RAS Luxury Oils Oh-So-Tinted Liquid Lip Balm In Berry Red

RAS Luxury Oils Oh-So-Tinted Liquid Lip Balm In Berry Red Light Summer Lipstick

Summer is the time when even a thin coat of makeup could feel heavy on the skin. It is for this reason that I suggest this luscious balm for your lips. It is 100% vegan and full of nourishing ingredients that will keep your lips hydrated and nourished in the summer season. What I find more advantageous about this lipstick is its rich color that doesn’t fade even after a long time.

Milani Color Finish Matte The Nudes Collection

Milani Color Finish Matte The Nudes Collection

If you are a fan of nude lipstick then you will certainly like the rich collection of nude lipstick shades by Milani. You can check all six shades launched by the brand and … Find more

Best Nail Art Designs

10 Nail Arts To Try In Summer 2023

I hope nail art isn’t new to you. Also, I don’t mean to promote nail art with this blog. I simply want to highlight the benefits of this nail art so you have some good reasons for nail designs this summer. It can help express your mood and feelings. But the biggest benefit is it will teach you how to pamper your body.

Nails remain neglected most of the time because they aren’t a part of regular makeup. You only cut your overgrown nails to shape to make them look better. But little do you know that nail art is a great way to improve your personality.

Try Nail Arts If Looking For A Change

Best Nail Arts

A Subtle Change

When you want to change your personality a little, you should try designing your nails. It will be a subtle change in your nails but it can make a big difference to your personality. Also, it won’t take you much time or labor in.

Feel Younger

When you improve your appearance, you stimulate the brain cells that make you feel younger. You will see your nails transforming from simple to beautiful and this subtle change will make you feel happy, healthy, and energetic. Also, you will feel encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle to maintain your youth.

Update An Old Outfit

Changing your nail … Find more

Eyeliner Pencil Look

10 Eyeliner Pencils To Create Smokey Eyes In 2023

An eyeliner pencils is still a hot favorite because it is easier to create a dramatic look with a pencil. For example, you can easily apply an eyeliner pencil in zero minutes on a busy morning. It is so because the pencil isn’t messy. It won’t smear easily and it can deliver a softer natural look without any fuss.

Take your eyeliner pencil, create a dotted line on your upper lashes, and gently connect all the dots to create a full line. Finally, you can swipe on a few coats of mascara to look prettier in no time. Also, a pencil can help flatten the folds and wrinkles that have come up in your eyes.

I believe you need some more tips and tricks to make better use of an eyeliner pencils. Let’s see how you can define your eyes using a pencil.

Using Eyeliner Pencil

Look At Your Eyeliner Pencil

While a black pencil is the best choice, you should also keep a brown pencil and a set of bold colors like green and blue. If you love doing eye makeup, you should keep eyeliner pencils of all colors so you can improve the look of your eyes according to your needs. For example, use a black pencil to get a slightly defined and dramatic look; brown pencil for a softer, daytime look, and other … Find more

Smokey Eye Makeup Look

8 Smokey Eyes Trending In 2023

Smokey eye makeup is a classic beauty look that has been popular for decades. This dramatic eye makeup style is characterized by dark, blended eye shadow that creates a smoldering, sultry effect.

Smokey eyes can enhance and intensify the appearance of your eyes, creating a dramatic and alluring look. Some benefits of wearing smokey eye makeup include making your eyes appear larger, adding depth and dimension to your eye shape, and creating a sultry and sophisticated look. Smokey eyes can be worn for a variety of occasions, from formal events to a night out with friends, and can be customized to complement any skin tone or eye color.

There are many reasons why people choose to do smokey eye makeup, from enhancing their natural eye shape to expressing their creativity & personal style.

Smokey Eye Makeup

Enhance Your Natural Eye Look

It can make your eyes appear larger, more defined, and more striking. By using darker shades of eye shadow and blending it outwards towards the outer corner of the eyes, smokey eyes can create the illusion of a more lifted and dramatic eye shape. This can help accentuate your eyes and make them the focal point of your makeup look.

Dramatic Appearance

Smokey eye makeup is also popular for special occasions, such as weddings, parties, and other events. This bold and striking makeup style is … Find more

Primer For Makeup

Know The Types And Uses Of Makeup Primer According To Skin Tone

Bold red lip and strong highlight remain the most favorite makeup look for all girls, and for that glossy look makeup primer is a super-thin, silky and invisible balm that, when smoothed over your face temporarily fills little crimps and pores and smoothes out short patches. It absorbs oil painting, cuts shine and leaves skin satiny-smooth. Effect-wise, it makes makeup look better and stay on way longer.

How to use makeup primer?

Best Makeup Primer

You do not need to be putting makeup primer on a “full face” when you starting your makeup. It’s great under tinted moisturizer or indeed just a dusting of face powder. When you apply it you’ll see it leaves a lovely, satiny glaze on skin and feels nicely hydrating.

Makeup Primer works best on clean, deeply moisturized skin. Before applying makeup primer use your moisturizer first and then wait for 5 minutes if not, then it is not stay on your face for long time. However, not stick, if you apply too important makeup will slide off. After you apply it, stay a full five minutes for it to dry and set on skin before getting started on your routine. Nowadays beauty market is full of different types of primer.

The types of makeup primer can get a little daunting, but there’s nothing to worry about.

Matte Makeup Primer

Best Matte Makeup Primer

A matte manual is … Find more

Best Liquid Eyeliner

List Of Party Trendy Best Liquid Eyeliner

Eyeliner applies a special power that a lot of other makeup products do not have. Eyeliner capability to make a huge difference in just a one strokes. The delightful part is, there’s no bone way to do your eyeliner, moreover. You can do a messy and glittery party- girl look that would compete any character, or you can lean into the clean-girl look and just conclude for a simple yet classic best liquid eyeliner.

Searching a liquid eyeliner that’s easy to apply, wears comfortably, and is long- wearing without fading, smirching, or unloading down from your lash line seems near insolvable. The request is submersed with hundreds of products that claim to do it all and further but infrequently deliver.

We tested best liquid eyeliner at all price points, that earn a place in your makeup bag.

Stila Stay All Day Leakproof Liquid Eyeliner

Stila Stay All Day Leakproof Liquid Eyeliner

It features an applicator encounter that glides easily on your eyelids. This eyeliner dries fastly and stays on for about 8- 10 hours. You can use it to produce subtle eyeliner looks or a stunning winged look. This smirch-evidence eyeliner imparts a lustrous finish.

Lakme Insta-Liner Best Liquid Eyeliner

Lakme Insta-Liner Best Liquid Eyeliner

The Lakme Insta- Liner Water Resistant Eye Make-Up is a hot favourite among scholars for its super-affordable price label. It has a high colour, is easy to apply, and dries snappily.… Find more

Compact Powder For Women

Choose Your Best Compact Powder For Women, According To Your Tone

Improve yourself daily is one of the stylish practices everyone should follow. Improve or update isn’t only confined to knowledge these days. Social media influences numerous people and the trends on social media make you better. It teaches us a lot of new effects, like how to do makeup and look the stylish interpretation of ourselves and a lot further. In the make-up we all know compact powder play an important role. Compact powder for women is one of the balance key of makeup.

Here is the list of compact powder for women, that gives you perfect makeup look

The Faces Canada

The Faces Canada Powder

Non-oily dull aesthetics whenever you want. The micro-fine weight compact powder protects the skin from sun damage and gives all-day protection. This compact is formulated with a super comfortable and light texture.


  • The moisturizing formula is curated with care to nourish the skin from within.
  • The compact is safe for the skin.
  • It’s Cruelty-free and Paraben-free.


  • Not control oil for long time.
  • Not good for oily skin.

Price- Rs. 168

Maybelline New York Fit Me A Perfect Makeup Compact Powder For Women

Maybelline New York Fit Powder

This compact powder comes with foundation with UV pollutants and SPF 28 cover the skin from sun damage.


  • It’s suitable for normal to unctuous skin.
  • This Maybelline New York fit me give you a natural, poreless finish
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Smokey Eye Makeup

List Of Dramatic And Trending Eye Makeup

Festivals are incomplete without a little bit of makeup. Be it a concealer, compact powder or Lipstick, no makeup product can beat the glam of a kajal and eyeliner. Defining the eye is an important part of the makeup process.

Get ready to wink and try this eye makeup at your hands

Brown And Gold Soft Touch

Brown And Gold Soft Touch Makeup

This beautiful eye shadow acquainted look uses brown and golden eye shadow that’s mixed in together. In this eye shadow, blending is the key. It’s a subtle yet gleeful look that looks so beautiful.

Purple Eye Smoky Is Lighted Eye Makeup

Purple Eye Smoky Is Lighted Eye Makeup

This eye makeup looks uses purple, black and pink. Those of you with light eyes will maybe love this edgy style of smokey eye. Still, it looks enough on all eye colors.

Blue Lined Eyeliner

Blue Lined Eyeliner Makeup

This double soared electric blue and black liner looks veritably trendy and is super easy to pull off. It’s simple and sharp and can be worn during the day as well.

Simple Kohl-Lined Smokey Eye Makeup

Simple Kohl-Lined Eyes

This look is inspired by Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor as this is her go- to makeup off-screen. It’s a subtle smokey eye which is ideal for everyday wear and tear for the perfect sultry effect.

Mermaid Eye Shadow

Mermaid Eye Shadow

This inspired look pair with aqua blue eye shadow with gold and it’s such a beautiful Find more