12 Wedding Dresses For Guests

It has always been an honor to attend a wedding as a guest, also, it is an opportunity to show all colors of your personality, it is the time when you can spend lavishly on dresses. Or you can try a new outfit. Wedding time is shopping time when you don’t want to shop on a budget.

Are You Shopping For A Wedding Dress?

In a wedding, every guest is special and for this reason, guests need to consider many factors while choosing their dresses. There could be a dress code for wedding guests but still, your dress should be different from others.

Here’re Some Simple & Elegant Dresses Ideas For Wedding Guest


Saree Is Best Wedding Guest Dresses

It is a graceful and evergreen dress, especially for summer weddings. And there is a wide range of saree dresses available in the market. For example, take a saree jacket. It is a modern outfit inspired by the saree design. But you can opt for a chiffon saree or silk saree with heavy embroidery if you want to maintain a classy look.

Long Kurti With Tulle Skirt

Long Kurti With Tulle Skirt

If you are dressing up for a friend’s wedding where you will be part of the bride’s gang then you should try something different. This long kurti features high slits and a band-neck collar, and it has dangling beads on the sleeves. This kurti is best paired with a beige tulle skirt. For makeup, you can make gold smokey eyes and a messy low bun. If you want, you can even wear statement earrings and a ring.

Floor Length Anarkali Dresses For Wedding Guest

Floor Length Anarkali Dresses For Wedding Guest

If you ask a garment retailer to show you something different, the retailer is likely to show Anarkali dresses. It is so because these dresses suit all body types, occasions, reasons, and celebrations. Also, Anarkali provides a great alternative to heavy and expensive gowns. Another advantage of Anarkali is it doesn’t require many accessories. You can take it as a complete dress.

Lightweight Gown

Lightweight Gown

An ethnic gown is a great choice if you are averse to the idea of wearing a heavy dress. An ethnic gown is also suitable if you want to wear a gown at a wedding. In fabric, you can choose silk or chiffon. These fabric options are great for wedding gowns. Also, it is easy to move about in these fabrics.


Sharara Dresses For Wedding Guest

If you are the younger sister of the bride then you should consider wearing a sharara at your sister’s wedding. Choose a sharara that looks bright and fresh. Find one with embroidered flowers on the sharara and the border of the dupatta. Also, buy some dainty earrings to accessorize the outfit. It will make you a cute princess ready to welcome the wedding guests.


Gharara Dresses

Gharara is for elders and if you are the elder sister of the bride, you should consider this dress. It has a royalty … See More