Egyptian Female Model

There’s no confusion that the film and modeling industries are among the top trending platforms in the World. Every country has its own hot and beautiful actresses and models. Egyptian female model is also one of the countries with the top most beautiful and hottest actresses and models in the World.

This list contains the most fascinating, sexy, hot, seductive and gorgeous Egyptian female model. You’ll also get to read about a short review on their lives and careers.

Ghada Abdel-Razek

Beautiful Ghada Abdel-Razek

Her full name is Ghada Mohammed Abdel Razek. She was born on 6-Jul-1965 at Ash Sharqi Governorate, Egypt. She’s 55 year old now. Ghada first started her career as a Fashion model, and latterly, she is a well-known celebrity in Egypt. The time 2002 is the luckiest day for Ghada’s career as an actress as she did two most successful television series in which she took part in a prominent part.

Donia Samir Ghanem Is One Of The Top Egyptian Female Model

Donia Samir Ghanem Top Egyptian Female Model

She’s 35 year old now. Donia’s birth name is Donia Samir Yossef Ghanem, and her surname is“ Doodi. ” She’s the eldest daughter of the icon of Egyptian Cinema, Samir Ghanem. At the age of only 10, Donia started her acting career in the hit movie “Emra’a Emra’a( 1995) ”. She’s well known for her other blockbuster’s pictures and Television Series.

Mona Zaki

Gorgeous Mona Zaki

At the every morning, Mona wasn’t interested at each in being an Egypt Actress, but she’s now a well- known and remarkable leading star in Egypt. She started her career by accident when Mona met the notorious Egyptian director & actor “Mohammad Sobhi.” Now her dream comes true and now she is World renowned Stylish Actress.

Sarah Sahin Egyptian Female Model

Sarah Sahin Egyptian Female Model

She was born on 10- Aug-1983 in Egypt. Sarah won the title of “Miss Egypt” in 2001 and was also considered an arising actress in Egypt. Her remarkable part in Al Hafla seized all the attention of the media and the public.

Kinda Alloush

Stunning Kinda Alloush

She first got married to Fares Alzahabi and got divorced in 2016, and also she got married to Amr Youssef on 11- Nov- 2016, which is her present partner. She completed her degree in Theatre review from the Higher Institute for Dramatic trades in Damascus.

Yasmin Abdul-Aziz Egyptian Female Model

Yasmin Abdul-Aziz Egyptian Female Model

She was born on 16-Jan-1979 in Egypt. She first started her career by doing commercials at the age of only 15 because of Yasmin’s mama ’s friend, who owns a big company of commercials. After doing some commercials, she started acting in cinema and television as well. Yasmin first married to Muhammad Halawa and got disassociated in 2018 by having 2 children with him.

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