What Is The Maximum Impact Of A Low-Impact Aerobics Exercise?

Exercising is a fun way of taking care of your overall health. Whether you want to burn extra fat, boost your cardio, enhance your mobility, or de-stress your body and mind, exercising is the right way to achieve your objective. But some people are afraid of the high impact of regular activities on their joints and muscles. Exercise indeed impacts the body and mind but you can start with a safer low-impact aerobics exercise.

Low-Impact Aerobics Exercise

Do low-impact activities give results?

It is a misconception that only high-resistance training gives results. Lightweight exercises give desired results if performed under the supervision of an experienced personal trainer. A low-impact aerobics exercise works in the following ways:

Low-Impact Activities


A low-impact aerobics exercise is considered safer, especially for beginners because it has a lower risk of injury. You can continue exercising without impacting your joints and muscles and regular activities give 100% results.


A low-impact aerobics exercise is tolerable for your body. In other words, you can tolerate more training needed to achieve specific objectives like improving heart health and reducing weight. You can easily tolerate higher volumes of training and achieve your health goals.


A low-impact aerobics exercise is suitable for entry levels. It provides similar benefits as you get from high-impact cardio but with little risk of injury. Your body has no impact on the exercise but you have all the benefits of workout.

Here I am listing some of the best low-impact exercises you can try at home



When you walk down to a shopping mall after parking your car, you do a low-impact aerobics exercise. For better results, you can go on a stroll every morning and evening. Or you can buy a treadmill to walk at home. Walking has several benefits:

  • Better weight management
  • Enhanced balance and coordination
  • Reduces risk of hypertension, diabetes, and heart ailments
  • Improves mood

Also, this exercise suits people of all ages and health conditions. A short walk in nature or on a treadmill can never cause any harm to you.



Just like walking, swimming also works for the entire body. But it has an added benefit. Water provides some resistance training while supporting your body. It takes the pressure out of your body so you enjoy swimming and have all the benefits. This low-impact aerobics exercise strengthens shoulders, back, core, and legs. Also, it improves breathing. Another advantage of swimming is it keeps the body cool.

Cycling Low-Impact Aerobics Exercise


Cycling is a great way to explore nature. With cycling, you can burn your excess fat and the environment. If needed, you can increase the intensity by increasing your peddling speed. It is especially true about indoor cycling exercise. You can even make your indoor cycle a low-impact aerobics exercise or a high-resistance training exercise.



Position yourself facing a sturdy stool or stair and put your right foot on the stool/stair. Step up and stop when your left leg straightens and hovers above the ground. … See More