10 Nail Arts To Try In Summer 2023

I hope nail art isn’t new to you. Also, I don’t mean to promote nail art with this blog. I simply want to highlight the benefits of this nail art so you have some good reasons for nail designs this summer. It can help express your mood and feelings. But the biggest benefit is it will teach you how to pamper your body.

Nails remain neglected most of the time because they aren’t a part of regular makeup. You only cut your overgrown nails to shape to make them look better. But little do you know that nail art is a great way to improve your personality.

Try Nail Arts If Looking For A Change

Best Nail Arts

A Subtle Change

When you want to change your personality a little, you should try designing your nails. It will be a subtle change in your nails but it can make a big difference to your personality. Also, it won’t take you much time or labor in.

Feel Younger

When you improve your appearance, you stimulate the brain cells that make you feel younger. You will see your nails transforming from simple to beautiful and this subtle change will make you feel happy, healthy, and energetic. Also, you will feel encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle to maintain your youth.

Update An Old Outfit

Changing your nail design is a great way to update an old outfit. Or you can say that it is a new way of wearing an old dress like jeans and a top. Also, transforming your nails will give you a reason to try some old designs from your wardrobe.

New Designs Every Time

Unlike your makeup, you have more nail designs to choose from. In other words, you can wear a new nail design every day. The availability of plenty of designs is an opportunity for you to do something new whenever you want to improve your appearance.

Occupation Therapy

Women with shaky hands can take nail art as an occupation therapy. They will learn to handle brushes with care and apply paint to their nails. You need firm hands to design your nails and practicing nail arts will strengthen the muscles and improve the movement of your wrists and fingers.

Boost Your Confidence

The feeling of achievement boosts confidence. You feel confident in taking challenges. You know your strength and how to channel the energy to achieve your goals. Whenever you feel depressed or have negative thoughts, you should pamper your nails to give yourself a lift.

Lonely Time Activity

If you get plenty of time to spend alone and you want to make maximum use of your free time, you can consider nail arts. It is simple, creative, and affordable. And you can try designing your nails without any formal training or using specific tools.

A Talking Point

With beautiful nail art, you can become a talking point in your family, friends, and society. Everyone in your contact will want to know more about your nails like how you take care of the nails and how you design your nails.

Reveal The Surprising Side Of Your Personality

Is there any color you always want to wear? If yes, you can paint your nails with that color to wear it. Similarly, you can express your feelings like sunny weather, deep blue water, greenery, or earthy through nail art. These are the feelings that can better be described with art than words.


Nail art is more enjoyable because you can do it alone. You don’t need many accessories or training to design your nails. And there is little to worry about if you don’t like the design or things go wrong as you can erase the design as and when required.

If you want to try nail art, I can suggest some designs that are both beautiful and convenient….

Smiley Nails

Best Smiley Nails

Design beautiful smileys on your nails when you are happy and want to spread happiness. And these smileys could be in any color like yellow, red, green, or black.

Heart Nails

Show the softer side of your heart with this nail art. Color your nails in red and create beautiful hearts in white color. This design is simple and beautiful.

Graphic Art Nails

Graphic Art Nails

It is for the time when you have a message for others like ‘leave me alone’ or you want to highlight a quote or organic shapes.

Neon Summer Nail Art Designs

Highlight your nails with neon colors to attract eyeballs or enhance the look and feel of a new dress. You only need to bring your nails into good shape and color them from root to tip.

Glitter Nails

Glitter Nails

If you want to add some glitter to your dress, you can design your nails with glitter color. The advantage of this color is that it is maintenance-free and long-lasting.

Floral Summer Nail Art Designs

If you are wearing a flowery dress, you should improve its outlook with floral nails. Your nail design will look like a part of the dress.

Blue Sky With Clouds

Blue Sky With Clouds Nail Art

If you are getting ready for a day party, you should consider designing a blue sky with clouds on your nails. This design will uplift your mood for the party.

Mixed Checkerboards

Checkerboard nails are best suited for the time when you want to go with minimalist accessories like smaller earrings, a thin pendant, and no bracelet. This nail design will fulfill your need for accessories.

Strawberry Summer Nail Art Designs

Strawberry Summer Nail Art Designs

Turn your nails into strawberries, if you love fruits. These nails will give the impression as if you are carrying fresh strawberries in your hands. And people will like to shake hands with you just to get a glimpse of your strawberry nail design.

Colored Dream

Here you can choose any color like orange, red, blue, or any shade you like most. If you want to wear a specific color, you can paint your nails with that color. It is simple and convenient as well.

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